Omikron's Automated Client

Automated Mining / Farming

1.8.8 - 1.11.2

Download v2.42.3 β Generation Learn more

Why should you use Omikron's Hacked Client


The Reach allows you to fight, break, place blocks from 100blocks away, you won't see better

Click GUI

A beatyfull and fully customizable GUI, don't bother with difficult commands, use the GUI to configure everything


A IRC system synchronised with our discord server, enabling more interactions with the community

Exp system & Cosmetics

Play, compete, level up and cheat with style

Download v2.42.3 β Generation

Omikron's Automated Client Features

  • AutoMiner

    Mine ores for you in minecraft, configure it, start it, and relax while it's running. The bot will move itself like a normal player mining, avoiding danger.
    Tip: If you have multiple mc accounts you can make them all mine at the same time.

  • Reach

    What if you were able to hit entity, place blocks and teleport 100+ blocks away ? Well, with Omirkon, all of it is possible. You may discover even more incredible possibilities!

  • Friends

    You can add friends, you will be able to see on witch server they are, their username will be highlighted in tablist and over their head. You will also be able to see your friend's capes

  • Optifine

    Optifine is included with Omikron, in order to provide you the smoothest experience

  • Build in McLeaks

    We know you love McLeaks, use it with ..mcleak < alttoken >



Here you can report bugs or suggest features
We use discord, a free voice and text chat system that you can use from your browser